Why use Boston Builders Group?

Boston Builders Group is committed to delivering high quality, professional, and ethical construction-related services to its clients and customers, keeping in mind the greater good within everything we do, while building long-term shareholder value.


Timely Execution with Quality Management

  • Construction Partner of multi-location franchise, responsible for estimating costs of construction and building each location from commercial shell to finished retail outlet.
  • We build restaurants, liquor stores, shops in street-level strip mall locations, mall-retail stores.
  • We improve office spaces with new flooring, t-bar ceilings, bathrooms/lunchrooms, and redesigned layouts and new furniture.
  • Re-design of the look and feel of a commercial space for re-branding.


Quality & Professional Remediation

  • Removing, preparing, and replacing the entire envelope on a building.
  • Demolition, redoing the structural integrity of, and completing the membranes and additional features of all decks on a building.
  • As PowerSmart Certified technicians, replacing all lighting fixtures with high efficiency, long lasting luminaires, to better task lighting and economic efficiency.
  • Replacing mechanical systems, including exhaust, ventilation, ducting, etc., to improve health and safety or living spaces.

Increase Equity with Construction Enhancement

  • Update residential structures in terms of mechanical, plumbing and electrical components, resurface all visual elements such as kitchens, bathrooms, floors, and re-envelope with new roof and cladding surfaces.
  • Renovations to achieve the wow factor in key areas of feature homes such as bars, media rooms, kitchen, wine rooms, gyms, etc.
  • Additions onto structures allowing for growth of usable space such as adding a seniors-suite that requires the addition of a basement by lifting a home.


Management of Schedule, Budget, Quality

  • Construction Management: supervising the construction of a sub-division, managing trades from initial road-works to final landscaping.
  • Development Management: managing all aspects of developing and preparing land for construction or sale.
  • Restoration Management: organizing and implementing all facets of a major renovation and remediation project.

Improve Plumbing Performance & Efficiency

  • Re-piping the domestic water system of a large building by replacing the storage tanks, all pipes leading to every fixture, and the toilets, sinks, tubs, and associated faucets.
  • Replacing the complete hydronic heating system in a multi-family building, including boilers, baseboards and piping.
  • Providing a new radiant heat system, by demoing existing failing heating infrastructure, and implementing new energy efficient design to improve comfort and long-term economics

Awe Inspiring Designs Constructed to Life

  • We build custom homes by partnering with you through the entire process. We project manage the process right from lot selection, through out the design process, and building phase. We also build craftsman style homes of unique and elegant nature, inspiring confidence and livability.
  • We have built homes all over the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley of BC for the past 18 years.
  • Whether you are interested in buying a cozy unit or a spacious country home, we provide the right touches for your future home. We balance and achieve excellence in the areas of Delivery, Budget, and Quality.


Custom Professional Sheet Metal Solutions

  • We provide sheet metal solutions to institutions, commercial and industrial complexes, tenant improvements, and residential buildings.
  • We specialize in the installation of custom fabricated duct; galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel duct-work.
  • We are committed to providing you with personalized service of the highest quality to meet your timing needs.

Our Promises

1. Effort

We are committed to continuous improvement, we are a learning organization, and we seek out best practices to put forth the highest level of products and services to our customers and clients.

2. Expertise

We employ dedicated, conscientious, and well-trained industry professionals. Our expert project managers bring a wealth of experience to the construction and restoration process and are committed to the highest quality industry standards, best practice, and the health and safety of their staff and customers.

3. Passion

We like to build. We are enthused by the prospect to build structures and components that will stand as a legacy. We firmly realize that most of what we build will outlast our lifetime. So we have a sense of pride in the contribution to these legacies. We take quality and fairness to heart. We like to build.

4. Triple Win

We focus on all stakeholders having a winning outcome in the scenario. The team to shepherd most projects is often comprised of the owner, the Consultant/Engineer/Architect, and the Contractor/Builder. We see success only when all parties have their needs met and a sense of success in the outcome of the project

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