Boston Builders Group

Boston Builders Group is a company with operations in Western Canada, providing new construction and remediation services to Provincial governments and the private sector. Additionally Boston Builders acquires raw land and in-fill properties for development and construction of new single family and multi-family units for sale in the various markets including but not limited to Metro Vancouver and Calgary.

Corporate Experience

Boston has managed various sizes of projects in the new-build, design-build, and remediation segments of the market. At any given time, Boston employs 50-70 personnel with diverse backgrounds including Project Management, Estimation, Architectural Design, Construction Supervisions, Red-Seal Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Roofing, Accounting, Finance, Safety, etc.

Key Services & Skills

Boston’s team has the ideal mix of Project Managers, Site Supervisors, Project Coordinators, Designers, Red-Seal Carpenters, Plumbers, Drywallers and Deficiency and Maintenance experts. In addition, Boston has a strong finance and administration team including professionally designated accountants (CPA’s) in the Controller and Accounting Manager positions, Estimators, Purchasers and administrative staff. Boston strives to maintain the highest standards of safety in all of its projects while maintaining efficient management of all processes including timely progress reporting.